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Lynch Mob & Dokken:

Lynch Mob vs. Dokken or Lynch Mob with Dokken
August 27, 2009


The title is confusing because I’m just as confused as you are. Many sites are reporting that Lynch Mob is trying to work out a touring deal with Dokken. This is significant based on history alone.

Lynch Mob, which is really George Lynch has some very close ties to Dokken, which is really Don Dokken. The guitar superhero Lynch was in Dokken from 1981 to 1988 before George and Don just couldn’t get along. The tension in the once Heavy Metal Powerhouse reached a fever pitch back in those days and led to George leaving and forming Lynch Mob.

Lynch Mob released several albums, but the most popular will always be Wicked Sensation in 1990. Dokken on the other hand had more releases and live albums, but neither was able to reach the popularity they had when they were together. With that being said in 1993 they gave it another try. It was a disaster.

They put out an album that Don claimed was completely controlled by George and was an act to ruin the Dokken name. George claimed that Don refused to modernize his music and this was an attempt to put the Dokken name to rest. I really don’t know who was right because the album “Shadow Life” was terrible and ill received. So in 1997 they broke up again when George walked out on a European tour.

Both went their ways again and recorded material that has done very little to the Heavy Metal landscape, but their names came up in a big way a couple of years ago when they decided to do a song together at Rocklahoma. It must have gone well, but one song does not make a band.

Now Lynch is saying the two bands are going to tour together side by side. I guess that’s possible, but they better realize as Dokken is on stage people are going to be waiting for Lynch to come out and knock of some classics. Separate buses may work? They better give Dave Mustaine and Kerry King a call to see how Slayer and Megadeth managed to tour together when they hate each others guts.

By the way I pick George Lynch in Round 3 by TKO

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