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KISS in Commons - Martell's Review
July 21, 2009

kiss halifax

It was "Hotter then Hell", we "Rock and Rolled all Night", we "Shouted Out Loud", you can say it all because it was simply amazing. What a damn show. Seriously, what a goddamn show! HOLY! But it was wet, stupid rain!

Anyway the opening bands were pretty good with Ecoline Crush stealing the show. They had some serious heavy sounds coming out of a band that I always considered more Pop then Metal. Crush knows what its going to take to get back in the spotlight and they proved they are willing to do just that. The Trews were the as good as the Trews can be, but Thornley had a poor performance because I was under the impression that he just didn't want to be there. So Thornley is done in my books, they were dry, we were the wet ones.

Now KISS on the other hand wanted to be there and they proved time and time again that they do have the best stage show in the history of music. Not just our genre, but music as a whole. The boys decended from the ceiling and tore through Deuce. Paul stated that everything was coming off the first three albums and he didn't lie. We had Strutter, Hotter then Hell, Black Diamond, and many others off Alive. Tommy shot the guitar off, Gene blew fire. The set ended with Rock & Roll All Night complete with so many confetti cannons that I couldn't sing along because the stuff was going in my mouth. Just amazing.

They came back on stage for what was set up to look like an encore, but then they broke into a bunch of the other hits not found on Alive. Lick it Up, I Was Made for Loving You, Shout it out Loud, I love it Loud, (complete with Gene being lifted to the rafters), Eric had an amazing drum solo in there that saw the whole kit lifted to the roof. Paul flew across the crowd to a separate stage and belted out Love Gun. Gene did some blood spitting. I know I"m writing like a maniac, but there was so much going on that is very hard to describe.

The boys left it all on stage with Paul and Gene's voices being shot after the two hour and ten minute set. It was my first KISS concert and something I will remember forever. Long live KISS, my respect is back for you!

Show me your horns,

JB Martell