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25 Years of HELLOWEEN
June 26, 2009

This is a band that I started listening to back in 1988 with "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II" The same person that got me in to Metallica introduced me to Helloween among some other kick ass bands, which I'm sure I'll be blogging about in days to come. I have found that peers have a huge influence on what we listen to and that in turn shapes us in to the individuals we are today and adults we have or will become. On the negative side, if you prefer some music but your friends think you're a pussy for listening to it, then you either stop listening in fear you may be outcast or you become a closet listener and don't tell anyone. I feel bad when that happens to people. If you like something and you feel the music you shouldn't have to hide that. If anything, when you like something, then listen to it when you can, in private if you have to but don't stop because of other people and what they may think. They are the pussies for not expanding and accepting new music. K, enough of my rant.

Helloween is a German Power Metal band and is known as one of the pioneering power metal bands and being part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene that included Accept, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Sinner, and Rage.

I personally liked Michael Kiske and his 'high notes' or known as 'screaming'. Yup, Michael is a screamer. Kiske is an atypical 80's Heavy Metal "screamer", noted for his ability to hit extremely high notes (he has nearly four octaves in his vocal range - holy shit!). His style was a noticeable change from that of Hansen (vocals/guitar), and some fans and critics have likened his singing style and range to that of Geoff Tate or a young Samson-era Bruce Dickinson. He was with Helloween from 1986 - 1993. After saying all of that, I do like a couple songs post Michael - Andi Deris. One being "As Long As I Fall" here and the other bringing back the speed (power) metal sound "Paint a New World" here.

Some of you may remember hearing the song "I Want Out" as it was put in to heavy rotation on MTV. The song was written by Kai Hansen (guitarist) and was confirmed in an interview later that it was written relating to his frustration with the band and the label at the time. He wanted out! The video, in my opinion, seemed a little corny and a bit humorous (to some)…check it out for your self, we have it posted here as we do with pretty much every blog that has a related video.

The album following Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II (Pink Bubbles Go Ape) was less heavy, and with song titles such as "Heavy Metal Hamsters", "I'm Doing Fine, Crazy Man", and "Shit and Lobster", showed a shift toward-and an emphasis on-humour rather than the epic moods on previous releases. As a result, Pink Bubbles Go Ape failed both commercially and critically, and tensions started to build amongst the band members. Long story short, a couple band members came and went, they kept going releasing music and they released Gambling with the Devil in 2007. These guys are now celebrating their 25th Anniversary! And you can even get the anniversary t-shirt at their website. Way to Rock guys!

Play it Loud,

Heavy Metal Momma