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Tommy Lee & Jonathan Davis:

Heavy Metal DJs
September 23, 2009

Johnathan Davis DJ

Don’t worry this isn’t a rant about DJ Ashba, but a close friend of his will be involved. I have to know why Heavy Metal guys are turning to electronic music. We have a prime example in Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. When Tommy is not pounding on the skins during Cruefest he is scratching records at local nightclubs. Over the years I have come to terms with Tommy, but I read a story today that made me wonder if the world is going to end tomorrow.

Jonathan Davis is the official DJ at Infected Mushroom’s album release party. Don’t worry about Infected Mushroom, they are just some electronic band that doesn’t really know how to make music with instruments. The real story here is Jonathan Davis, the Alternative/Heavy Metal hero of an entire generation of 90’s teens and young adults. What happened Jonathan, did you get an electric shock that has messed with the chemistry in your brain?

I know I will catch flack because KORN has always had variations of electronic music in their catalogue, but have never resulted to flat out Disc Jockeying. KORN is an institution in harder edge music that had an impact through lyrics and behavior that will live for generations. Seeing those dreadlocks behind a spin table makes me want to be a contestant on “Rock of Love.”

We could blame Tommy Lee for this or we could blame the artistic side of musicians that feel they need to expand and explore their art, but electronic music? Its not even real music is it? Jonathan Davis has been really sick with an auto-immune disease and maybe he’s at a point where he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but this might be taking it to far. Metallica takes heat for adding an alternative edge to their sound; people say they sold out Thrash Metal and turned their back on it. If Metallica committed a deadly sin what in the hell is Jonathan Davis doing by scratching some 50 Cent on a turntable?

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