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Lemmy & Metallica:

Guest Appearances in Metal
September 24, 2009

Lemmy with Metallica

So your down in the pit rocking your ass off to Metallica and you think this is one of the greatest moments in your entire life and then the Jesus of Thrash Metal walks out on stage. Holy crap, its Lemmy! I think like any metal fan including Metallica you bow at the waste and pay homage to the amazing musician that has just made one of your fantasies come true. Imagine two of your favorite things in the world on one stage sharing the music you love.

Well folks this has been happening. Metallica has had Lemmy out numerous times over the years literally all over the world. Each time you watch a video of it you know several people have fainted as if Courtney Love stayed clean for seven days. Anyway, with Lemmy coming out with Metallica I have been doing some research and this type of thing has been happening a lot, especially over the last two summers.

Ace has come out on stage with KISS to do ďShock Me.Ē Sure he didnítí have make-up on but damn that would be amazing just to see him play with the boys. George Lynch showed up at Rocklahoma to play a couple of songs with Dokken and get this, they didnít even throw anything at each other. Bands could learn from the last example, Dokken and Lynch havenít exactly been mainstream since the 80ís, but when word went out on the wire they would be playing together things started getting talked about and the Dokken performance was something people were looking forward to.

What if Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth, and Micheal Anthony all worked together on a Van Halen stage with Eddie and Alex. That would be kind of cool. Even putting Newstead on stage with Rob at the Hall of Fame ceremony for Metallica was pretty awesome. Speaking of Metallica it would be incredible to have Dave Mustaine walk on stage and play some stuff. We donít have to get rid of Kurt because he has plenty of fans, but it would be awesome to see these guys together. What about Chris Holmes and Blackie Lawless or John Corabi and Motley Crue?

This would be a chance for the egomaniacs to put the big head aside and give a true present to their fans. Who would you like to see on stage together? Who would make you almost pass out if they showed up as a major surprise?

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