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JB's Top Five Bass Players - #2
June 25, 2009

Before I get started on the list please let me explain this is not a measure of technical ability or record sales or anything. This is just lists about musicians I like that play my favorite instrument - The Bass. I do have to give a massive shout out to Geezer, he's not on the list, but we all have to talk about the influence. On with the show:

My #2 favorite bass player is none other then Gene Simmons! Lord have mercy on my soul!

Spitting blood, flying around on stage, reality TV, bobbles heads, Mr. Potato Head, and now piss cakes. That pretty much sums up what people think of when they think of Gene Simmons these days, but not me. I think about the Demon Bass Player of KISS!

Gene takes a lot of heat in the media for people claiming he whores KISS out, but lets face the facts here. The man has made a lot of money not only for him, but also for his band mates. Also I don't know if you have watched any recent footage of KISS concerts, but their not actually hurting for attendance.

I know people are going to criticize this because its about Bass players and Gene will be the first to admit that he is only passable, but to me he is the first real bass player to step forward and be known for that deep sound that we all love. When he is laying on the one chord for his blood-spitting bit the bass has never sounded better. Also Detroit Rock City has an amazing bass line in it. Sure its not complicated, but damn it sounds good.

Normally I would justify this by sighting album sales and concert attendance, but come onů its KISS. I think if you look up KISS you will really see Gene's worth. For me I just like the crazy shit he does with that amazing AXE guitar.

Show your horns,

JB Martell