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Spain's Forever Slave & USA's Kamelot
June 11, 2009

I thought I'd take a trip around the globe, online, and see what I can see and hear what I can hear. I'm always open to new music as long as the band sounds good and looks good. I went through quite a few till I happened on this band and on their myspace page it had them touring in 2008 with the band mentioned below. That's why I have them together, if you were wondering.

Forever Slave - Gothic/Metal/Rock
These guys sound something like Evenescense.

In August 2007, the band finished the recording of Tales for bad girls, an album about themes like AIDS, the relations between people of the same sex, cybersex, the mistreatment of women, the Pederasty and a collection of "forbidden" relationships. Ooooo naughty!

On a side note - I think I could show her a thing or two about head banging after watching this video.

Kamelot - progressive/metal/rock

But is one of the most difficult-to-categorize artists on the metal scene, Kamelot are poised to assault the planet with their most insightful and ambitious project to date, Ghost Opera.

"Our music is pure versatility - double bass rhythms, progressive arrangements, but also ballads and straightforward mid-tempo numbers. We don't care what you want to call this mix. To us, the most important criterion is our own style which can't be compared to any other band."

I dare you to watch this video a few times and not get the tune caught in your head. Something new to me with a Queensr˙che type voice to it. When I searched them both at the same time, one site had someone commenting saying that Kamelot would blow Queensr˙che off the stage and someone else said 'think Kansas mixed with Queensr˙che. Check out the video and if you get a chance check out another vid - here! That song kicks ass too! I must say their videos are good quality and not low budget.

Play it Loud,

Heavy Metal Momma