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Endgame Album Review:

Megadeth’s Endgame – Album Review:
September 18, 2009

Endgame Album Cover

I don’t really get to excited about new music because quite frankly I find it never lives up to the hype, but in some cases I just shake at the thought of a new album. Megadeth is one of those. The last release United Abominations was so good and Dave Mustaine promised that Endgame would be even better… Dave never lies!

The album dropped on September 15th and is amazing, I mean amazing. Head Crusher and Bodies are my favorite songs and they are incredible. Very old style hard riffs from the new guitarist Chris Broderick and Dover on the skins is incredible as always. The modern twist surprisingly comes from the main man himself Dave Mustaine.

Dave used this album to reflect back on the old days of Megadeth, but learned to give new fans something as well. “The Day We Fight” is a song that has the hard pounding riffs but has a very modern feeling to it. In “44 Minutes” Dave actually shows his vocal range, which he’s not exactly known for. “1320” the funny car inspired piece has great hard riffs with Dave and Chris both showing their chops and the melody change at the end is very classic and reminiscent of that other band we don’t talk about when referring to Megadeth.

What Mustaine is known for is his guitar work and you will get lots of that on this masterpiece. No matter what era of fan you are with Megadeth there is something for everyone here. Symphony will always be my favorite song and Bodies, which I mentioned before fills that void for me.

To all those dinosaurs living in the past, get over yourself and enjoy this NEW great music. I certainly am. I’m giving Endgame 2 out of 2 Horns. Long live Megadeth.

Show me your horns,