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Death Growls and the Cookie Monster
July 24, 2009

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I'm going for a little swim in the Death Metal pool. This is something that doesn't turn me on a lot but as I have said before, I am open-minded and might find something I like if I learn about it. Death Metal is something that I didn't know existed till only years ago but come to find out it was started back in the mid-80's.

Some people frown on the idea of death metal and avoid the scariness having the stereotype of it with members believing in Satanism, anti-religion, Occultism, mysticism, philosophy and social commentary. However, few practice mysticism and most seem to use it solely as metaphorology for their works. Although violence may be explored in various other genres as well, death metal elaborates on the details of extreme acts, including mutilation, dissection, torture, rape and necrophilia. ….And this is different from Eminem because???? I can't always understand what's being sung with Death Metal so I didn't know this was what they were singing about.

Venom and Slayer influenced early Death Metal. Some thrash metal that helped this genre along were Celtic Frost, Kreator and then an early pioneer, the band Death (see blog pic of Death's deceased lead signer Chuck Schuldiner, the father of death metal).

Now to explain about the cookie monster and how he plays a part in this (if you didn't already know)… simple really, there is death growling and grunting and this is also known as Cookie Monster vocals. Really though, think about it and remember what he sounded like and don't tell me you never watched Sesame Street. The comparison is uncanny.

We were there when Cannibal Corpse played last year in Montreal at Heavy MTL but I didn't pay a lot of attention at the time because I was waiting for other acts and as mentioned wasn't really in to that kind of music. Now I wished I had paid more attention so I'd have a live performance to blog about to compare…o wait! I do! We saw ATR (All That Remains - said to be melodic metalcore, and melodic death metal (earlier shit)) in May as they were one of the 3 opening bands for Disturbed. Now, I was impressed by the reaction of the crowd. Our seats weren't bad and we could look down on them in the pit so we could see a lot. They got the pit going and signalled for the Circle Pit, now that was awesome! The show they put on was good and the lead signer was full of life flying around the stage. I was glad there was some signing with the growling as it gave a break. …sorry guys for the fans of Death Metal, I could handle some but it was hard on my head. Lol. A lot of it probably had to do with the acoustics of the building. Speaking of my head, I did catch myself bobbing my head to the music numerous times. The music is awesome, just not used to the vocals. I do appreciate the energy and the vocals needed to create that sound, that in it self takes strength and can tire you I'm sure. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this shit live.

Since being on Twitter I have had a number of Death Metal bands following me which kind of surprised me because my name says Heavy Metal Momma, not Death Metal Momma…so anyway, I've been checking them out. Some are pretty good you should check them out as well. You'll see a few of them mention they are Alternative/Metal/Rock or Metal/Thrash but I think sound more like Death Metal…but I could be wrong! Check me out and then my followers, you may be impressed. And may I add, I hate idiot spammers selling shit and the virus senders…fk off. I'm going through another wave of deletion soon for those people.

What makes someone want to listen to death metal? Is it the lyrics or the growling, the meanings behind the lyrics or the rawness of it all? Tell me!

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