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Just a Bunch of Damn Yankees
June 9, 2009

What would Ted Nugent of Ted Nugent Fame, Tommy Shaw of Styx fame, Jack Blades of Night Ranger fame and Mike Cartellone of just some drummer fame sound like if they all picked up some instruments and started to jam. According to the Motor City Madman they would just sound like a bunch of Damn Yankees. That's exactly what they became.

Many people over the years have criticized Nugent for taking up this venture because it did have a pop feel to it, but that was really only the songs that were released. The overall albums Damn Yankees and Don't Tread actually have a fairly deep Hard Edge Rock sound, but much like Blades Night Ranger they used the Power Ballads like "High Enough" to sell the albums.

Both albums went Platinum and they toured with the likes of Bad Company and Poison, but they still get very little respect. Do they deserve it? I don't really know and its not for me to judge, but they certainly were fun to watch with the "please look at me" antics of Shaw and Blades and Nugent running around on stage shooting things with his bow and arrows.

In fact their final tour took place during the Gulf War so Nugent was shooting pictures of Saddam Hussein with a flaming arrow night after night. One night he missed the mark and according to story almost hit some fans off stage. He was arrested for the incident but later let go because it was an accident and no one was hurt.

There have been several rumors of the Damn Yankees getting back together, but Ted could have just been visiting an old friend when he was back stage with Shaw. If they do reunite would you go? I'd go if Ted was shooting stuff again because that was the most interesting thing I could come up with about the bands career.

Show Your Horns,

JB Martell