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Chickenfoot - The Review & Pictures
August 3, 2009

At exactly 2pm, the crowd was welcomed to the event by Base Commander Newton, who appeared rather nervous before the already building crowd. He confirmed that the show was being taped and would be sent overseas for the personnel who were currently posted world-wide.

The first band was Pink Thunder, an all-women band who won the Next Great Atlantic Rock Band competition. It was easy to see why they were the winners. The two sisters, Barbara and Victoria Cameron were technically sound on the guitars and had amazing voices that will only get better as they develop. Olivia Adlakha was the drummer and keyboardist, and did a great job of keeping the beat and tempo going. They rounded out the set with an acoustic song called "Tonight," a harder remake of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and finished with the song that won them the competition called "Radio Friendly."

The next band up was Sloan, a band well known to Haligonians. Chris Murphy was there, although he was unable to play his bass as he has a broken collarbone. He was hit by a car while riding a bicycle a short time ago. However, he was obviously glad to be back in Halifax as he joked and interacted with the crowd. It was, he acknowledged, an all-star band, as they had Greg MacDonald (from Halifax) fill in wherever needed. Chris, used to being busy on stage, appeared rather bored with just singing, and wandered into the crowd, greeting people. At the end of the song, the band jokingly paged Chris Murphy back to the stage. Towards the end of their performance, Q104 offered a presentation to Sloan, as the band is on their wall of fame. Chris Murphy noted that Q104 had supported the band for the past 20 years, and was honoured to be on the hall of fame. When Sloan had completed their set, the entire band walked up the hill to see everyone. Throughout the entire event, you could see members of Sloan talking to people they knew and their fans in various locations on the hill.

After such an upbeat performance, Finger Eleven was quite somber, and, well, boring to this writer. That is, with the exception of guitarist Rick Jackett who never stops moving! He was amazing, with his long hair flying, his fingers running up and down the neck of the guitar, and throwing and catching his instrument at the most impossible moments. Lead singer Scott Anderson did get a cheer from the audience as he noted dryly, "Every time we play here, we get drunk the night before and talk about how we should move here!" Finger Eleven saved the best for last, as they finished their set with the song everyone was waiting for: "Paralyzed."

Haligonians were ready to party as Our Lady Peace walked on stage. Singer Raine Maida had the crowd singing with him during the first song, and the hill was almost deserted as everyone tried to get closer to the iconic Canadian band. OLP did several songs from their new album, released only ten days previously, "Paper Moon." Raine Maida thanked the military, and said it was an honour for the band to be playing for such an event. Apparently catching a bit of the wander-lust exhibited by Chris Murphy, Raine climbed up a lighting structure, asking those who were outside the gates (who did not pay to attend) and the people on the hill, "How's everyone doin'?" He also came out into the crowd, through the VIP picnic tables and up the other side of the barricade for the dry section of the concert.

The finale was Sammy Hagar's band, Chickenfoot. This band played their entire new CD and showed no sign of slowing down for the entire hour and forty-five minutes they were on stage. Sammy Hagar, a man who is sixty-one years old, was obviously enjoying himself as he joked and laughed with drummer Chad Smith, guitarist Joe Satriani, and bassist Michael Anthony. Chad Smith, from Detroit, joked that the worst thing about Halifax was that we were responsible for Sidney Crosby, the man who destroyed his Red Wings chances to carry home the Stanley Cup.

The set was as follows:
1. Avenida Revolution
2. Soap on a Rope
3. Sexy Little Thing
4. Oh Yeah
5. Down the Drain
6. Learning to Fall
7. Get it Up
8. Turning Left
9. The Future is in the Past
Encore: Highway Star

Throughout the event, there were greetings filmed by Canadian Armed Forces personnel that were broadcast to the crowd. Base Commander Newton acknowledged the many soldiers posted across the world, including the fifty to sixty people stationed currently in Afghanistan from the Halifax base. Each band who played thanked the many men and women who protect us daily and their families, noting that they are heroes every time they go to work. Each band seemed honoured to be playing before the Halifax crowd, and for such a worthy event. The crowd was multi-generational and very positive, with a feeling of camaraderie and support.

We at welovemetal.com felt welcomed and truly appreciated the hard work put in by event coordinators, the public relations team, the security team, and (of course) the bands! Thanks, Rock Fest. We hope you repeat this venture next year. We will be there!

What a Motley Crue,

Morgan Storm