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Lets get to know Chad Smith a little.
July 30, 2009

Heavy Metal Blogs: Chad Smith

When I was asked to blog on Chad, I thought, hmm, don't know much about this chap but that's what I consider my job, to learn and share. I do remember a Chad Smith from school but this is definitely not the same guy. So I did a little digging and I knew that he was the drummer for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers but didn't know much more. He has experience with many genres such as Funk rock, Alternative rock, Hard rock and Heavy metal. He is also talented as a musician being able to play Drums (of course), Piano, Oboe, Saxophone, Guitar, Didgeridoo and Flute. He's 47 and has like 5 kids (throughout the years and not all from the same woman) the youngest having been born this year. Chad likes to ride and he rides the best (in my opinion), Harleys. He's got a Road King and a 100ths Anniversary Soft Tail. Think I'd need a Dyna Low Rider myself.

This dude has been busy with other bands not just with the Super Group Chickenfoot! And actually Chickenfoot is a side project! He has also had a part in other artist's albums such as Alannis Morrisette, John Fogerty, Dave Navarro, Johnny Cash, Dixie Chicks to mention a few and been in some films like Howard Stern's Private Parts and Session Man. Chad's main focus is "Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats", I shit you not! Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats is an American instrumental funk-rock band from Los Angeles, California. It consists of Chad, of course (duh), guitarist Jeff Kollman (from Cosmosquad), bassist Kevin Chown (Uncle Kracker, Ted Nugent), and keyboardist Ed Roth. "Chad's been consulting (along with Travis Barker and others) on a new video game from the makers of Guitar Hero, and he's been collaborating with his three-year-old-son's schoolteacher on a children's book. And he's formed yet another band, featuring guitar god Joe Satriani and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and singer Sammy Hagar. Chickenfoot, as they're called, is currently working on a CD." (Compliments of Modern Drummer Magazine). He's also been working on other projects and has a DVD out on his life as a drummer called Eastern Rim. It includes interviews, clinics, live performances, and some great bonus material.

If any of you have read up on Sammy Hagar, you'll know that he has a place down in Mexico and he's quite a businessman! Anyway, Chad is off on a break from Red Hot Chili Peppers and just jammin' with Sammy. He met Mike through Sammy and then they came up with the odd name, Chickenfoot, and then needed a guitar player! Et voila! Super Group! Maybe it was all of Sammy's Tequila they were drinking when they came up with the name.

He's an awesome drummer as I looked through some you tube stuff and remembered vid's from years gone by. Lets face it, when I watched Red Hot Chili Peppers videos way back when I was focusing more on Flea flying around and the half nekid guy (Anthony) signing (lol). I knew the sound was awesome though and that he was there, I do remember him. I am amazed with all of the projects that he has had and all that he has on the go! I only touched on some of them! And to be playing, seems like, more for fun than anything, that's fantastic. Chickenfoot as a side project, geez.

He recently sustained a serious injury to his right arm while playing in Paris by tearing his small bicep. Then a week later he goes and aggravates it to cause more complications by tearing various tendons in his shoulder and upper arm/biceps. Geez Louise! This caused some complications with their shows and some were cancelled, some others got bumped. Lets hope that he's healed and they are all on track now and able to play the remainder!

After learning more about him, I am even more excited and can't wait to see him live this weekend!! Expect the Unexpected, their website says. And we have Media Accreditation so you KNOW I'll be getting as close to the stage as possible for good pics. W00T!

Play it Loud,

Heavy Metal Momma