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The Big Four of Thrash:

The Big 4 Tour
September 11, 2009

Thrash Metal

Lots and lots of rumors are floating around about a possible Big 4 world tour. When referring to the Big 4 we mean the four biggest Thrash bands in the land. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. This would be a dream come true for every heavy metal fan out there, but I just donít think it can happen.

Obviously there are logistics and schedules that would make it difficult, but the main reason I donít think it can happen is the fact that they all hate each other. I mean hate! The history amongst these bands and the fact that they have competed for the same fan base has torn any possible relationships to shreds.

Iím not going to get into the story of Dave Mustaine and Metallica because thatís been done to death, but when your band leaves you on the side of the road and tells you the rides overÖ your going to be bitter. Some believe Mustaine formed Megadeth, just to get back at Metallica. Iím one of those believers.

Another issue is the mouth on Kerry King. The guitarist of Slayer is forever ripping on everyone specially Dave Mustaine. Other then performing Kerryís favorite past time is talking crap about Mustaine and when heís not doing that heís calling Metallica a bunch of sell outs. The only way this tour could happen is if they segregate Kerry from the rest of the world. Megadeth and Slayer have been on tour together this year, but never actually spoke the entire time. It must have worked because they are taking the tour out to Australia and then back to Canada. Maybe thatís how you do it, they do their sets and go to the bus.

Now I havenít mentioned Anthrax because they pretty much get along with everyone and have toured with the three other bands on several occasions, but Kerry did not want them to feel left out so he did an interview that stated Anthrax on the tour might not be a good idea because they are dwindled and non-effective now. That got Scott Ian in an uproar and he started posting footage of Anthrax with John Bush on Twitter and sending them to Kerry to show how Anthrax still has it and King doesnít know what heís talking about.

We still havenít covered who would open and close the shows. I think its pretty obvious in my opinion. Opening spot would go to Anthrax as they have had several shifts and Bush isnít officially back with the band. Slayer can go next to ramp up the crowd a little bit and then Megadeth just for the symbolic gesture of having Metallica come out after Mustaineís set. As much as people go off about Metallica they are the most successful Metal band in history and should be the closers of the show. But egos donít think that clearly.

This tour just isnít going to happen. Way to many variables and I do hope Iím wrong because it would be amazing. What a treat to see all four of them together. As you read through this Iím sure you all agree that maybe it could happen if we just got rid of Kerry KingÖ

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