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Pantera: Microblog
August 26, 2009

Best of Pantera

Pantera was formed back in the 1980’s, I guess it was one of those bands you loved or hated. At any rate the band had some kick ass tunes, bands such as Kiss and Van Halen initially influenced the band.

Pantera’s style had changed in the late 1980’s and became post thrash, better known in their genre as “Groove Metal.” In 1990 they got their first major hit with Cowboys from Hell.

In 2001 the band went on hiatus and was never really able to reunite due to Anselmo aparent drug use. And any hope of this band ever getting back in full swing was taken away when “Dimbag” Darrell was shot and killed on stage at the” Alrosa Villa” in Ohio, in 2004. If you are interested in more info on Pantera or reading more heavy metal blogs on them check out www.pantera.com

Rock On,

Vince Steele