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Dan out! John In! Sort of!
July 22, 2009

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As you can see from the title it appears that Anthrax has parted ways with singer Dan Nelson. You can't really call him new because he has been around for about three years, but really has done very little with the band. The new album was set to be released soon, but with the recent developments I can't imagine Dan's voice will be on it. Where this story gets interesting is all dates have been cancelled except for one. That one off show will be covered by past singer John Bush. A very well known voice of Anthrax that could thrust them back into the spotlight when the new albums drops. If the boys can keep it together for this show and realize the benefit of this business relationship then Anthrax will be back where they deserve.

Here are the official statements from both camps, they tell the story in a little more detail:

Courtesy of anthrax.com:"As announced last week, thrash legends ANTHRAX regretfully cancelled the first three dates on the second leg of their European tour due to new vocalist Dan Nelson's unexpected illness. An additional seven European dates are also cancelled, those scheduled from July 22 to July 30. "ANTHRAX is thrilled to announce that they will play the August 1 Sonisphere festival in Knebworth, England, with their good friend John Bush [ANTHRAX's singer from 1992 to 2005] joining them for a very special one-off performance. "The members of ANTHRAX have confirmed the departure of vocalist Dan Nelson. In light of this development, ANTHRAX's slot on the U.S. SLIPKNOT dates set for August and September, has also been cancelled. ANTHRAX is already actively considering lead singer candidates, and looks forward to hitting the road before the end of the year."

As expected here is Dan Nelson's reply. Courtesy of ultimatemetal.com: On the advice of counsel I have remained silent to the statements issued by Anthrax in recent days and now must address these issues to my loyal fans and others. I want to set the record straight. I was never seriously ill or sick at all, as reported in Anthrax’s 7/17/09 press release. This extremely inflammatory statement hurt me tremendously. This statement misled fans, friends and family members into believing that I was seriously ill when I was not. I was not aware such a statement was being issued and it came as a total shock to me, as I’m sure it did to all of you. It was the other band members’ decision to cancel the tour dates, not mine. I was ready, willing and able to do my job. After issuing the press release the other band members decided, on their own accord, that I had “resigned” from the band. I never resigned from the band. Even in view of this action and stance taken by the band, as late as earlier today I made it clear that I was ready willing and able to continue to fulfill my obligations. After that offer was made the most recent press release was issued which announced my “confirmed” departure from the band. I was not aware of the contents of this release until after it was issued, nor was I aware that Anthrax was canceling the European and Slipknot tours. I regret any disappointment and confusion this situation has caused. I want to thank my loyal fans, family and friends for all their support and their many messages, emails and calls. My counsel has been instructed to take any and all appropriate actions to address this situation.

Now I'm sure everyone wants to hear from Scott Ian, but all he really had to say is this: Chaos. Order. Nature will take its course. - Courtesy of Twitter

We will update this story as more facts become available. This is just Heavy Metal Mayhem!

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