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AC/DC Moncton - The Review
August 11, 2009

AC/DC Horns

It was not a good start to the concert last Thursday, August 6th. It took us two hours to get from Amherst to Moncton because of the construction on the highway. We finally arrived at the venue, and then had to walk half an hour to get to the actual concert site. We got there, got through security, and we were feeling pretty good. I was willing to forgive the walk, as the site has permanent bathrooms there! Wow, was it nice to not have to use a port-a-potty at a concert. But then, the concert promoters made a colossal mistake - the only alcoholic beverages they had available was beer. I hate beer.

That being said, nothing could dampen our spirits and the anticipation we felt for seeing Anvil and AC/DC. We had just arrived at the venue when Anvil took the stage. Lips was great! You could tell he was psyched to be there in front of over 80,000 fans in Canada. He played the guitar with his teeth, he played with a dildo, he played with everything he had in him. Rob, meanwhile, was playing the drum set he described in their documentary that he described as his dream set. They finished off their set with Metal on Metal and soaked up the appreciation the fans lavished on them. I hope they know how awesome they looked and sounded!

The We Love Metal crew moved down to the front of the crowd. We were about three rows back from the VIP section. AC/DC began the show with a raunchy video of Angus on a run away train with a couple of very sexy women. As the train gathered speed, the crowd became more animated, and the video ended with a train smashing through the screen onto the stage. The crowd went wild! We heard all the traditional AC/DC iconic songs. When Hell's Bells came on, Brian swung on the bell. During The Jack, Angus stripped down to his boxers, which (of course) had AC/DC on them. They started playing A Whole Lot of Rosie and a huge blow up doll raised up and was riding the train. It was everything I had ever dreamed of seeing, and it was almost surreal that the band was in my sight. At the end, Angus played the most amazing solo I have ever seen. He was on a platform behind us, and rose up so even the people at the top of the hill could easily see his performance. It was awesome. At then end of the set, the crowd would not move until they returned for an encore.

The crowd during the show was aggressive, and we were battered and bruised by the time we arrived back at our campsite, but it was worth every minute. Anvil and AC/DC rocked me all night long!

What a Motley Crue,

Morgan Storm