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Martell's Top 20 Vocalists - #5 to #1
August 21, 2009

#1 Ronnie James Dio

As I stated on my other heavy metal blog list, this is just who I like. Not a matter of technical performance or record sales or popularity. These are just the vocalists that you will find on my MP3 Player and on the Flash Drives in my car. I enjoy all music, just some more then others. Now lets end this list!

#5 - Brian Johnson - Obviously you can't think of Brian Johnson's music without AC/DC coming up. You know what, that's fine with me. After the passing of Bon I don't think anyone thought that voice could be filled, but Brian has done that with dignity and respect to the band. The new generation doesn't really know that there was a different voice at the mic of AC/DC that has to say something about the talent of this man. Brian is so high on the list because of the amazing catalogue of music that he will forever be known for.

#4 - James Hetfield - Not the James Hetfield from the documentary "Some Kind of Monster", but the James Hetfield us metal heads know and love from "Kill Em All". James has an amazing voice that compliments not only his own guitar playing but also that of fellow shredder Kirk Hammett. Metallica is the band that all others strive to be and that is in a big part because of the vocals of their main man. Metallica is Metallica and I love it. Growl you bastard growl.

#3 - Vince Neil - This is very shocking to some reading this site including my wife because I am a huge Motley Crue fan, but the fact is I'm a Motley Crue fan, not really a massive Vince Neil fan. Vince needs Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Tommy Lee to be complete. That has been proven time and time again with his sub par solo career, but with that being said no one else could sing the songs I love like Vince (the John Corabi experiment), so that puts him at number 3. I think my wife puts him at #1 for other reasons, but this is vocals notů

#2 - Bruce Dickenson - When you talk about Heavy Metal Music can you possibly have a conversation without this man. Bruce's music speaks for itself. I'm not a fan of the best Iron Maiden front man argument simply because there really is no other. Bruce is the standard which most singers gauge their performance. Seeing this man use that range live is something you will never forget. Eddie might be the Maiden mascot, but Bruce is the voice and always will be. SCREAM FOR ME WE LOVE METAL!

#1 - Ronnie James Dio - Believe it or not until a couple of years ago I really didn't know that much about Dio, until Vince had me listen to Holy Diver. I was blown away that a Heavy Metal Musician could sound so dark and evil one moments and so operatic the next. I'm one of those people that will pick Dio over Ozzy in Sabbath (or Heaven and Hell) any day of the week. Heaven and Hell, Lady Evil, Mob Rules, incredible songs that need no justification. Not to mention the fact that he raised Rainbow to new heights with hits like "The Man on Silver Mountain" and his solo career was off the charts. Dio is the voice of Heavy Metal and the image that will keep it strong into the future. If you think he's getting old check out the new H&H album and you be the judge. SHOW ME THE HORNS DIO!

That's the end, do your worst!

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