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Martell's Top 20 Vocalists - #20 to #16
August 14, 2009

#17 Sebastian Bach

As I stated on my other list, this is just who I like. Not a matter of technical performance or record sales or popularity. These are just the vocalists that you will find on my MP3 Player and on the Flash Drives in my car. I enjoy all music and enjoy writing these heavy metal blogs, just some more then others. Now lets rock this list!

#20 - Rob Halford - Although you will find Rob at the top of most people's Metal lists I'm not that huge of a Priest fan and never really got into his solo stuff. Even though he is the acclaimed Metal God I'm just giving him some respect for what he's done and the Priest songs I like.

#19 - Dee Snider - Dee was a lot higher when I started thinking about this list for everything he did for Metal and all the great stuff he said to Tipper Gore back in the day, but then two things happened: Gone Country and the new Twisted song 30. I struggle with Metal musicians doing the crossover. I love the guy and his antics, but he dropped off in my play list during recent times.

#18 - Gene Simmons - Gene will never be known for his vocals, but he has done some classic KISS tunes that we all sing pretty much everyday. His voice is unique and exactly what is needed to offset the high octave of Stanley. Domino and I Love it Loud are two of my favorite KISS songs; both are Gene songs. Gene might not be the professional trained voice of Paul, but his roughness only adds to the Demon and KISS.

#17 - Sebastian Bach - Much like Dee Snider a few years ago Sebastian would have been near the top of my list, but along came his departure from Skid Row and once again that damn Gone Country show. I love the screaming deep vocals of Sebastian on Monkey Business and Slave to the Grind, but not much since then has tickled my fancy. In the next couple of years Sebastian could go either way on my list. If he reunites with Row then he will shoot up drastically, if he produces this album that is half country he will fall down around the number that Stompin' Tom would be at.

#16 - Bon Scott - A legend. An actual legend that we can say died to young and would have gone on to great things. When musicians die I find people blow their ability out of proportion that is not the case with Bon. He was the voice of true AC/DC classics like TNT and Jailbreak. Bon would be higher on my list, but I was quite young and never got to really appreciate Scott and the energy he brought to AC/DC. He is missed by his fans and band mates.

In the next blog numbers 15 to 11 will be revealed.

Show me your horns,