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Martell's Top 20 Vocalists - #10 to #6
August 20, 2009

#7 Paul Stanley

As I stated on my other list, this is just who I like. Not a matter of technical performance or record sales or popularity. These are just the vocalists that you will find on my MP3 Player and on the Flash Drives in my car. I enjoy all music and enjoy writing these heavy metal blogs, just some more then others. Now lets rock this list!

#10 - Axl Rose - It is really, really difficult for me to put him this high on the list considering everything he has done to his fans to alienate them. There is no bigger diva then Axl (made me wait 7 hours to see him perform while openers reassured us he was there), but his music speaks for itself. Well at least Appetite did. I love that album so much that it put Axl in my Top 10 because I still listen to it all these years later and hear its influence all over the place. Oh but Axl, how did Chinese Democracy work out for ya?

#9 - Stephen Percy - This one will raise a few eyebrows as most music industry people say Percy is more of a performer then vocalist, but the first 3 platinum RATT albums would lead me to disagree with that theory. In both RATT and Arcade Percy has proven himself to be a great front man and has a place on my play list any day of the week. Tell Morgan that Percy sucks and get ready for the impact.

#8 - Sammy Hagar - I have never hidden how much I like Sammy and seeing him just last month was a dream come true. With that being said why is he not higher on the list? Well… I hate Van Halen. Despise them, don't even respect them very much or their contribution to Pop (as Angus Young would say). Van Hagar was better, but those were dark days for Sammy in my opinion. Now with Chickenfoot he is kicking ass again, it might not be Metal, but it sounds damn good and made for a great show. Long live Hagar and Cabo Wabo.

#7 - Paul Stanley - The lead of KISS and a pretty good Phantom is all that needs to be said about this legend. Paul can hit notes that guys would only dream about. His glam type actions and character on stage have been copied so many times its been done to death. I saw Paul in July for the first time and let me tell you it was an amazing show. He left it all on stage. Energy and Vocals! I grew up listening to KISS and you can replace guitar, you can replace drums, but you can't replace that voice.

#6 - Rob Zombie - I know this won't be a popular vote because Rob isn't exactly Mr. Range, but he does what he sets out to do. Pump hard music through your body that makes you want to break something. A great way to appreciate Rob's solo work or White Zombie work is just walk after dark in an alley with his voice on your Ipod. It will make you want to rob an old women or beat up a street gang.

In the next blog numbers 5 to 1 will be revealed.

Show me your horns,